the Musical Corpus of Flow


MCFlow data is available for download in two formats. The first format is the "raw" native MCFlow files. These are simple text files coded in the Humdrum format. The second available data format is an R package.

MCFlow Humdrum files

The 124 current 0.5 Humdrum files can be downloaded in a single zip file by clicking here.

Once unzipped these files can be easily read in any text editing program, or even loaded into spreadsheet software. However, to best analyze these files it is recommended that you download and install the Humdrum Toolkit.

The MCFlow R Package

The 124 current MCFlow Humdrum files can also downloaded as an R package here. The files in this package contain some additional preprocessing information, such as the metric position of syllables and the duration of syllables in milliseconds.

To use this package will require that R is installed on our system. Once R is installed open an R session and type install.packages('xxx/MCFlow_0.0.0.9000.tar.gz', repos = FALSE), with "xxx/" replaced with the path to the folder where you saved the MCFlow package file.